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Fall 2018

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EXPLORE YOUR PARKS Your Guide to Marin County Parks & Programs FALL 2018 In a Terra Linda eu- calyptus grove, artist Jayson Fann carefully peels leaves away from a smooth, twist- ing branch. Nearby, Conservation Corps North Bay crews, Park rangers, and volunteers carefully prune branches, stacking wood for the artist. The focus of their work is reducing flammable fuels and improving ecosystem health, aid- ed by 400 goats that grazed brush from the ridge. We are caring for what we have–Marin's open spaces and the safety of the commu- nities nestled beside them. On a break, the crews listen to the wind in the trees. Later the branches are trucked to a park, greeted by volunteers. Many hands join to- gether to raise the Spirit Nest–a large-scale, architectural sculpture built from interweav- ing eucalyptus limbs. The artist describes how patterns in the wood will be reflected in the finished structure. Volunteers hand-sort branches with patient rhythm. Then they as- semble the Nest, piece by piece, over the next ten days. Just as trees intermingle in living forest, the branches intertwine and grow into the Nest, carrying the touch of everyone here. When the Spirit Nest is complete–well- engineered and striking to behold–a celebration takes place. People enter the Nest, peering through branches like birds or squirrels. They see the world from a different point of view, from inside a human-size nest. In this space there are multiple outcomes: reducing wildfire risk, preserving ecosystems, educating kids, inviting play, and a visual and tactile experience that reframes perspective. The Spirit Nest is open to visitors at Stafford Lake Park through spring 2019. Plan a trip to Stafford. Share photos and comments using #SpiritNestMarin. I look forward to learning about how the Spirit Nest inspires you DIRECTOR'S CORNER Max Korten Director & General Manager, Marin County Parks BUILDING A SPIRIT NEST

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