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September 2018 • Vision Health

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In this issue of You at Your Best, we focus on vision health. As a new school year begins, we help parents recognize early warning signs of vision problems in their children. We examine ways to reduce the damage caused by staring at computer and smartphone screens. And we explore the vision changes that come with the aging process. Enjoy learning how to maintain healthy eyes and vision at every stage of life in this issue of You at Your Best. 10 Vision changes as you age What to expect and how to treat problems 12 reduce damage to eyes from screen time Learn to limit the effects of electronics 14 Warning signs of childhood vision troubles What to look for and how to help 15 Cataracts may require surgery A safe procedure for a common problem 16 Vision greatly affects driving ability The role of clear vision in safety on the road 17 See your way to avoiding falls Reducing your risk of injury 2 | YOU AT YOUR BEST | nwAdg.cOm/YOUATYOURBEST SEpTEmBER - ViSiOn HEAlTH | SATURdAY, AUgUST 25, 2018

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