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J ack Harris '64 was introduced to Sigma Alpha Epsilon in his hometown of Evanston, Illinois, by a member of the Northwestern chapter. Upon his arrival at Purdue University, Jack was impressed by the members at SAE. He was also hoping to make Purdue's basketball team, so knowing Terry Dishinger '62 was a plus. "As I look over my life, my time at Purdue and my associations with the SAE brothers stand out as among the most memorable," Jack said. "I was lucky to meet and be associated with some very fine people. The examples they provided showed me how I could become a better person. We had fun and worked hard. "At first, I wasn't pleased with changes that were made concerning pledgeship. I still believe that the experience I had as a pledge was more about bonding and building relationships. However, when I took a step back and looked at the type of individual that was joining SAE, I was impressed. In the end, I felt the value I had received from being a member of SAE at Purdue was of a greater value than the downside of my concerns. When the Tradition of Excellence campaign came along, I knew I needed to give back. The SAEs of today deserve the opportunities I had." As an alumnus, Jack maintains lifelong friendships with his SAE brothers, including Wayne McIntyre '64, Keith Johnson '63, Ed Chouinard '63, Bob Frushour '63, and Norm Blake '64. The bonds he built as an undergraduate have only grown in his adult life, which demonstrates the importance of fraternity life and the need for alumni support. "In your life you have some successes. In the grand scheme of things you should reward those life experiences that have helped you. Donating to SAE's campaign is a small way of saying thank you." The future of SAE and Greek life in general is strong, Jack believes. In the ever-changing world of today, organizations like SAE can do a lot to build strong relationships and teach young people the importance of networking, interpersonal communication, and leadership. "Technology has reduced our ability to interface with people," Jack said. "Looking at your phone may give you information, but not social graces. SAE can help with that." Jack and his wife, Dian, live in Saratoga, California. They have two grown children and two grandchildren. Jack is semi-retired, and is chairman of two startup companies in Silicon Valley. He enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and traveling. You can contact Jack at our convenient five-year pledge program. Use the enclosed form and reply envelope to send in your pledge today. We want to toot the horn of our outstanding active members. They are doing extremely well and numerous members hold positions on executive committees both in the fraternity and on campus. Our Purdue SAE undergraduates are making us proud, and we are excited to provide them with the best possible home for building our brotherhood. With a structure such as this, allowing us to compete with other top fraternities on campus, we will be stronger than ever! We will get together for our 125th anniversary and to dedicate our chapter house the weekend of October 19-21, and I sincerely hope you will join us. It will be an excellent opportunity to see the renovations and to meet the future of Purdue SAE—I guarantee they are excited to meet you. Thank you for your commitment and loyalty to Purdue SAE. See you this fall! Phi Alpha, Wayne McIntyre '64 Campaign Chairman (408) 930-1438 More Than $150,000 Pledged (Continued from page 1) Jack Harris '64 Helps Preserve SAE's Legacy at Purdue Gregory S. Smith '63 Richard A. Hess '64 Wayne F. McIntyre '64 In memory of Harold "Butch" Hartman '63 and Francis "Frank" Clark '64 Robert E. Petersen '65 Louis M. Culbertson Jr. '67 Stephen P. Freiherr '67 Stephen A. Lochmoeller '67 In memory of William D. Cutshall '67 Ralph E. Roper Jr. '68 Robert R. Johnson '69 Terry K. Ryker '69 John B. Fillion '71 Mike Kensill '71 David E. Labelle '71 Donald J. Haerer '76 Robert M. Freeman '77 In memory of Jim Hoskins '77 Robert B. Gregg '77 Charles B. MacLeod '77 Frederick W. Tillotson '79 Edward Vaughn '79 In memory of the Cave Steven D. Nash '81 Thomas Roseberry '82 Brian Ferrell '84 David P. Buntin '85 In memory of Steve Dunkerly '86 Michael K. Keen '86 Scott Siebers '87 Jeff Fisher '88 William C. Meirink '89 Tony L. Zimmerer '90 Brad Benhart '92 Brian A. Tucker '92 Todd M. Montabana '93 Craig A. Heiss '94 Patrick Lehman '95 Carl Markovich '95 Alan M. Page '95 Grant Durham '00 Chris Cleland '05 Alexander C. Lane '06 Drew Anspach '07 Michael D. Laird '07 Nick Tenhundfeld '07 Stephen Van Pelt '08 Daniel Byles-Smith '09 Nick W. Gibson '09 Adam McArdle '09 Sean Conley '12 Charlie Dilts '12 Andrew Vasquez '13 Patrick K. Sullivan '16 Donate Click the Donate button at top of the home page. Find Us Online f l @saepurdue i @saepurdue

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